Our place

Huge selection of beans

We are happy to share our great coffee with you! Just give us some hint about your taste and we will offer you a few options for your drink.
You can always try before you buy beans.

Cosy and friendly

Our shop is small but we feel at home here and so do our clients. Tempting coffee aroma, minimalistic interior, and friendly people - come and experience it!

Shared coffee knowledge

We adore coffee! And what we like even more is to drink it with friends and talk about it.
Come to us for friendly advice on how to prepare and enjoy your coffee even more.

Nice music

Good sound, good music or no music - that's our rule. We like jazz, classic, some rock, blues and more. And sometimes just the quiet of a crisp morning.

Delicious guilt-free sweets

Coffee goes with a sweet bite - everybody knows that. We have taken care of that, too, and you can find in our shop several desert options, all of them natural, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Energy for your phone

We need our smartphones - like it or not. You can charge your phone while having great coffee and a short rest before you are off to your next task.